Slab - High Gloss

Catalog/Order Entry

2019 Cabinetry Catalog

Standard Features

  • European style frameless construction
  • 3/4” material (extremely durable and prevents misalignment during installation)
  • All metal drawer slides with soft-close option
  • Metal drawer systems
  • Fully adjustable European style hinges
  • Cabinet to cabinet fasteners


Absolute Acajou (LAA)

Concrete (LCC)

Hudson (LHU)

Maple (LMP)

Pecan Heights (LPH)

Sandbank (LSB)

Slate grey (LSL)

Spice walnut (LSW)

White (LWH)

After hours (LAH)1

Sunset cruise (LSC)1

Tea for Two (LTT)1

Polylac (9142)2

Polylac (9162)2

Polylac (9527)2

Polylac (95302)

Polylac (9540)2

Polylac (9545)2

Our slab style cabinets with a high-gloss finish are not only beautiful, they are incredibly durable with the highest rating for scratch resistance.

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Sample set of color options shown. Many other color, texture and material options are available.  

  1. Registered embossed woodgrain texture gives these laminates the warmth, look and feel of real wood.
  2. High-gloss finish with the highest scratch-resistance rating gives these laminates incredibly durability with a deep color appearance.